10 Unusual Places to Meet Rich women

Would not it be great if your girlfriend was beautiful as well as rich? Well, those of you who already have someone by their side need not think about this thing but those of you who are single and ready to mingle must give it a thought.

indianrichgirlYou might feel a little weird because all of us have grown up on the philosophical diet according to which love has got nothing to do with riches which is true as well. However, these days, the definition of love has changed a lot and there is nothing wrong if you seek love at places that are hangouts of rich women. At such junctions, you can find a well-heeled lady of your choice. So, here is the list that tells about 10 unusual places to meet rich women.

  1. Shopping malls and departmental stores – Rich women have plenty of money and they love to indulge their whims and fancies. So, you can easily find the pretty young things (PYTs) at such shopping joints. They can be mostly seen in sections that deal in clothes, accessories and jewelry.
  2. Charity events – If you want to meet rich women with hearts of gold then you must go at such events. Here you can find those lovely ladies who live for a cause and do not splurge money on clothes, accessories and other material things.
  3. Fashion shows – Fashion shows are the favorite hangouts of rich women. They like to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and many of them are themselves fashion designers by profession.
  4. Art galleries and museums – The rich women have been bred in an atmosphere where they are exposed to art from a very young age. They have refined tastes and therefore, love to check out art galleries and museums.
  5. Sea beaches – Everyone loves unwinding at beaches and when it comes to rich women, they are just game for all the adventure and fun that the sea sides offer. So, try exploring the beaches. You might meet the love of your life, basking in the sun, on the sand or frolicking in the sea waters.
  6. Spas and salonsRich women love to get pampered and what better way to get one’s body and mind relaxed than to reach out to the spas and salons.
  7.  Parties and nightclubsThe social butterflies love to have fun and like to mingle with people at parties and nightclubs.
  8. Temples and religious placesYes, the rich are believers too. Since they have a lot to be worried about and splurge, they visit temples and sacred stations to offer their prayers and donations. Women are more god-fearing than men and hence, you can find them at such places.
  9.  Social networking sites and similar stations The virtual world is the easiest way out to find rich women but you have to be smart to catch the rich fish. If you are not, you might get cheated yourself.

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